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Five Small Ways To Look After The Planet | Life

21st May 2018 by naffy

IMG_2356 Portobello Market IMG_2356 Over the past year, I have been learning more and more about the world we live in. Not just the people who inhibit it but all the little bits in between, the animals, the sun and the environment around us. I am no expert and there is so much more for me to learn but there are little things I am started to incorporate into my life which makes a difference. These are my five small ways to look after the plant which I hope will help you if you are on this journey too.


I know most of us do this already but having a recycling bin either in your place of work or your home will make a huge difference. We forget how much rubbish we use on a daily basis from paper we through away to plastic packaging from the food we eat. Having a recycling bin for these items is a good first step in trying to save the planet.

Reduce your meat intake 

There are many reasons to reduce your meat intake, from it being harsh to consume and also, you know killing animals is not cool in the slightest but it also impacts the environment. Animals help us look after our crops the greenery around the world which helps with photosynthesis (yes that thing we learnt in school) and the flow of oxygen. The more animals we consume the more we effect the natural cycle of this.

Reduce your plastic intake 

The lovely Zanna talks about plastic consumption and where they dispose the plastic once we use it. Now, I know there some items where you cannot get around using plastic (Have you tried buying blueberries which are not packaged?!) but more and more supermarkets have loose fruits and veg you can pick up without the plastic. I have been doing this a lot, especially with my veggies and fruits like Bananas and Apples.

Investing in a keep cup / Travel Mug

This is one for all the travellers out there. Since moving to London life has been busy and I love a good cup of tea. I also like to save my money so I tend to keep my tea drinking to when I am at home but recently, I have gotten to pick up a cup of something when I am travelling back up north or when I have a long day. A keep cup means I do not have to litter the streets with the coffee cups you are use too. You also get money off in places like Pret and Costa when you use a keep cup. Also, it is just super handy to have around so you can make a cup of tea at home to take with you on the go.

There are definitely more ways you can look to save the plant. This is by no means an extensive list but for someone like me who is still learning about to make small changes in her day to day lives, it is a good place to start.

Photo Credits – Christy 
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