Olympus Pen

Five Reasons why you need the Olympus Pen

22nd April 2016 by naffy

Olympus Pen When it comes to cameras my knowledge is a bit vague. I am not a complete novice but I also have a lot to learn. A couple of months ago, I invested in the Olympus Pen but the decision was not easy. It took me a while to research the camera and if it was worth investing in. I know I found peoples experiences of using the camera useful so I thought I would share with you Five reasons why you need the Olympus Pen.

Travel Friendly
Carrying around a big DSLR camera can be not over overwhelming but also tiring. While I still love my Canon 700d and use very frequently when I am out and about more often than not I opt to take my Olympus Pen with me.

Long Battery Life
I’ve had this camera for three months and have been impressed with the shelf life the battery has on this. I have used this for hours without it collapsing on me.

Touch Screen
The camera has a touch screen which helps when it comes to focusing the picture.

It’s a smart camera
If you like taking special Instagram pictures this is the camera for you. It is a smart camera which means can connect the picture to the your iPhone. No faffing with memory cards and laptops and transferring.

Even a technophobe can use it
I love technology but I have to learn how gadgets work. If you’re the same you will find this easy to use and get to work in the way that suits you.

The main reason I love the Olympus Pen is the quality of the pictures. The size of the camera reminds me of a digital camera however the power rivals that of a stronger camera. I love taking random pictures (not just for my blog but in general) and the Olympus Pen has a permanent place in my handbag.

  • Ursula
    22nd April 2016 / Reply

    I enjoyed your review of your camera and sounds like a perfect choice in the future for me! :)



  • Rachel
    23rd April 2016 / Reply

    I have to admit I do lust after this camera it looks just so good x

  • Laura
    26th April 2016 / Reply

    Sounds like a great camera! I like how compact it looks :)

    Pink Frenzy

  • Jess
    26th April 2016 / Reply

    I love the sound of this camera, I can’t wait until I can afford to invest in a half decent one – I’m just using a cheap Fujifilm point-and-shoot at the moment haha!

    Jess xo