Five Reasons to Vote | New Video

21st May 2017 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha We interrupt this weekly video to bring you… No I cannot event continue that sentence with a straight face. Those of you who know me, will know a part of me is passionate about politics and voting, which is why I wanted to share with you this weeks video. This week, I wanted to share with you the different reasons you should be interested to vote in the upcoming elections.

You may not realise it but it is vital to express your opinions and have your say. You can be angry at the world for whatever reason, however change only takes place if you do something. Voting is doing something. Regardless of the outcome, you have voiced your concerns.

How do you do this?

That is easy, all you do is go to this website here and follow the form which will tell you what information you need to get your points across. It only takes two minutes and will mean you can vote in any election you have coming up.

If you want to see the process check out this video from Hannah Witton who registered to vote live on camera.

You do not even need to go to the polling station if you do not wish too. You can vote by post so all you have do is fill out the form and post it when you are done. Simple and straight to the point.

So I now the next question you have will be – how do I find out who to vote for?

This means a little bit of reading. You ignore the media, the press surrounding the election and focus on the facts. Check the parties manifestos and see which one you identify with the most. I did this for the first election even though I knew at the back of my mind who I voted for. I am not going to tell you which party to vote for, that is your choice, what I want to do though is bring to your attention the ways you can get your information so you can make an informed decision. Rick Edwards has a wonderful book which breaks this down without any jargon or political chit chat.

Now you’ve registered to vote, read what you need too to make a informed choice what next? Congratulations! you are officially ready to vote.

let me know what you thought of my five reasons to vote. Will you be voting in the upcoming election? let me know.


  • Lacee
    21st May 2017 / Reply

    Yes! Voting and being informed is so important. We can’t rightfully complain if we don’t vote to change it.

  • Elena
    21st May 2017 / Reply

    I have never voiced my opinion before. I am angry about many things but I think that I cannot change anything so I keep it to myself.

  • Lauren
    21st May 2017 / Reply

    I’m from Australia and it’s compulsory for us to vote here. If you don’t vote there are harsh penalties.

    In NZ (where I recognise myself as) it’s not compulsory to vote, but the ones who moan about who got elected, are the ones who didn’t vote and they make dumb excuses to why they didn’t vote!

  • Anna
    22nd May 2017 / Reply

    Voting is an important right, and one of the ways we can change the world.

  • yukti
    25th May 2017 / Reply

    very informative and every citizen shud vote