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Five Reasons to Read Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

23rd December 2016 by naffy

Sophie Kinsella Book Many of you will have herd of Sophie Kinsella through her Shopaholic series, what you may not know is that Kinsella has also written a variety of other books which plug in to the heartstrings. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella is one of a kind and here are five reasons why you need to pick it up.

It talks about mental health

Young Adult books which tackle issues such as mental health and do it well is rare. Kinsella, does this perfectly and looks at how mental health issues affects the families of those with the illness.

It is relatable 

Be it if you are a kid getting yelled at for spending too much time on your laptop or if you are someone who has fallen in love. Finding Audrey has something for everyone.

Characters you fall in love with

The book has a neurotic mom, an annoying yet lovable brother, the handsome guy and the girl we love to hate. Each one comes in to their own making you fall deeper and deeper in their world.

It is just the right length 

I love reading but in all honesty between work, blogging and blogging. Finding time to engrose myself in too a series or a larger novel is tough. Finding Audrey is a good size of book for someone who is busy to read. The book is large enough to feel substantial while not being too large it will take you a while to finish. I managed to read this on a 3 hour train to Glasgow I was that hooked.

It is fun AND deep 

The book features some naturally funny moments. In those moments you laugh, smile and maybe even cry, all the while being real, raw and honest. It is a tough way to write but Kinsella does this perfectly.

If you were thinking about reading Finding Audrey, I have a review heading your way over on the Daily Focal. You can also purchase it over on Amazon along with other books written by Kinsella.

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