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Five Reasons to Drink Matcha Tea

26th February 2016 by naffy

Bloom Tea London If you had asked me a month ago if I would try matcha tea, chances are I would have said no. Three weeks later it has become an integral part of my daily routine. For those of you who are considering drinking matcha tea I wanted to share some benefits I personally experienced since incorporating this magic green powder in to my life. Here are my Five reasons to drink matcha tea

Gives you a boost of Antioxidants
We all know that Antioxidents are good for you not just on the outside but on the inside too. It is full of vitamins. The general way people are able to get this in to their diet is through Raw Vegetables and Fruit. Matcha tea is a quick and easy way to get some extra nutrients in to you.

Boosts Concentration
I have something called Turner Syndrome (This is not something I have spoken about on the blog before but perhaps in the future) an effect of this is my lack of concentration. I like to think I am good at this now and have a regular attention span, however an added benefit of matcha powder means it gives you a boosts of concentration. If you are a student I would highly recommend this over red bull or pro plus.

Increase Energy
Hit the 3pm slump hard? We all do but instead of reaching for a chocolate bar I add a spoonful of matcha powder to my tea. This gives me the Energy boost I need to last me throughout the day.

Mood Enhancer
It is reported that Matcha powder helps to calm your mood and while I cannot say it makes you incredibly happy (which is what I imagined when I first found out about this benefit) it does seem to plato my mood making me feel calm and level headed.

Minimal Tastes
If you drink green tea, you will note the taste is not pleasant. The thing I found about Matcha Tea is that you can add a spoonful in to a regular drink without much alteration to the taste.

Matcha Tea is a great addition to our busy lifestyles. There are many ways you can add it in to your next meal or drink. I won’t go in to them as I found the best way to add it in my day is by adding a small spatula full in to my regular tea. I mix it with the honey (which I use as a natural sweetener) before adding my tea bag, water and milk.

There are many green teas on the market at the moment which can be quite overwhelming. The one I would personally recommend is Bloom Teas London’s Supercharge Matcha tea. You can get this at Holland & Barretts as well as Selfridges.

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