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Five Products I have loved this week | Review

26th April 2018 by naffy

Naked Heat Palette Naked Heat Palette ABH highlight kit You know when you discover some old beauty favourites and need to rave about them? That is exactly what has happened this week so I thought I would share five products I have loved this week with you all.

NYX Liquid Suede in Clubhopper and Sandstorm 

I have recently been looking for a new lip combo to wear and this is a match made in heaven. It my current go too slightly grungy lip shade which I cannot get enough off at the moment.

ABH That Glow Palette 

I got this out again recently and have to say I really like it. I used the shade bubbly as a traditional highlighter and used the other shades to add a little bit of something to my lids.

B Beautiful B Confident Day Cream 

You know you love a cream when you go on the hunt to trace this down. You do not know how hard it was to actually get my hands on this. I had to wait till I went home to get my hands on this.

Naked Heat Palette 

The emergence of the sun really made me want to crack out the Naked Heat Palette. I fell in love with it all over again. I do wish there were a couple more gold shades to make it slightly more wearable but the moment I bought it back out I fell in love.

The Ordinary Coldpressed Rosehip Oil 

My skin has been feeling a little bit off lately and in need of a boost. When they happens I bring this out. There is something about it which really helps my skin. I do admit, I will probably have to replace this bottle as it smells like it is about to have its day (I have had it for at least 8months a few drops goes a very long way)

I love rediscovering favourites and I am happy this week was literally littered with them.

Which products have you been loving this month? let me know.


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