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Five Podcasts you need to start listening to | Review

20th April 2018 by naffy

Five podcasts to listen too Armchair experts Fearne Cotton podcasts George Ezra Five Podcasts to listen too Podcasts have literally become a part of my morning routine and weekend routine. I am constantly listening to them. In fact chances are I am currently on a coach heading back home to see my friends and family with one of these five podcasts in my ears while munching on the new Pret Vegan cookie. If you love a good podcast, Here are five podcasts you need to start listening too.

Dax Shepard Armchair Expert

I’ve loved Dax Shepard ever since I’ve seen him play Crosby in Parenthood. Not just because of the character but because of little snippets I was able to see of his personality (through interviews ect) so I was extremely excited to see he started his own podcast talking to those in the industry whom he has a lot of respect for. The show does talk about the acting industry but in the loosest sense. It goes much more deeper than that as they talk about topics such as substance abuse, the gender identities in families, personal love and self esteem. The episodes are long which is great for a afternoon listen while you’re doing chores. I’ve listened to pretty much all of them. Notable ones to start with would be either the one with his wife Kristen Bell, Aston Kutcher and Jo Bryant.

Listen Here

George Ezra and Friends

I can pin point the exact moment I fell in love with George Ezra and that’s when I heard him speak on his podcast. The way he articulates his feelings about music and life with his guests leaves me a little bit awestruck. As expected there is a music focus to the show – the guests share their true insights into what it is like being in such an hard but exciting industry. However it does go much deeper than that and you learn what it truly means to be a fighter in a cut throat world.

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Happy Mum Happy Baby

Yes you see that, right a podcast on mother hood. Now I am in no way ready for child just yet, however I do know plenty of people with children. If you have sister or family member who is pregnant or like me you’re just curious about motherhood and want to know what it’s really like (not just what people think you want to know) this is for you. Giovanna Fletcher along with a new guest every week opens about the good, the adorable but also the downright ugly parts of being a parent. Each episode is incredibly inspiring but they also make you cry. In particular the one with where they discuss miscarriage and the impact it can leave years later.

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On The Fringe of It

This one is more light hearted than the others but just as good. Charlotte and Liv sit down with a cup of tea and just have a good ole girly chat about what’s going on it the world. They talk about issues we face such as lack of confidence and imposter syndrome but also what they have been enjoying throughout the week.

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Happy  Fearne Cotton

Following on from the success of Happy, the book where Fearne opened up about depression and the importance of self care comes her podcast Happy. I adore Fearne and her frankness when it comes to talking about issues which have been taboo – case in point her first episode is with Tom and Daly and who both discuss the idea of Gay couples having a child via surrogacy. It was inspiring and hopefully will lead people to be more open minded before jumping to conclusions about what it is like to be a gay man but also surrogacy. The most recent episode was with the incredible Kirsty Young who to me has the most soothing voice in the world.

Listen Here
If you want to know what else I listen too I tend to share the podcast of the day on my insta stories during my commute to work.

Let me know what podcast me you’ve been listening too lately. As you can tell, I am a little bit obsessed.

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