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19th May 2017 by naffy

Netflix Shows Riverdale Last weekend, I went back to visit my parents and every time I do this, I tend to make the most of it and use it as a way to relax and catch up on life. I find it quite helpful to do every now and then. One thing I decided to do was to make the most out of my Netflix subscription and inevitable got sucked in to the hole that is binge watching Netflix.


I eluded to this in this post but I really did enjoy the show Girlboss. It centres around the life of Sophia Amorusso – The founder of Nasty Gal. Sophia’s Story is about hard work, grit and being relentless in all aspect of life. I was also inspired by Sophia and how she carved out the life she wanted for herself. Each episode are half an hour long which are perfect doe during the week when you want to begin your day to help you feeling inspired.

Tony Robbins – I am not your Guru

Believe it or not, I only recently came across Tony Robbins and his story recently and I was intrigued. I did not know what to expect so I decided the best place to start would be his documentary on Netflix. would be a good place to start. I have to say two minutes in and I was in awe of this man and how he managed to transform the lives of people around him. His practises are not ground breaking but what he does is provide you the skills and tools you need to focus on how to become the best version of yourself.

Pretty Little Liars

All new Pretty Little Liars is finally here. I will be honest, I completely forgot about this until I came home and my sister put on the latest episode on for us to watch. It was safe to say I was hooked and spent the subsequent couple of hours catching on the episodes I watched. I am officially back on the PLL bandwagon and looking forward to the rest of the season.


I have a WhatsApp and Instagram group with my cousins where we basically just chat about all things TV and life and for the past few weeks they have been speaking none stop about the show Riverdale so I decided to give the first episode a go last night and I have to say it is worth the hype. I have already become invested in the characters and I cannot wait to see how they develop. This is one show I will be save for weekend evenings (I don’t get out much) because I know I will end up spending hours at a time catching up on the episodes.

Cable Girls 

This is one show I have yet to watch but seems right up my street. It centres around women during the war and the efforts they made. I studied history and find it fascinating so I am looking forward to seeing how this show was made.

Overall, it is safe to say I will have to try and find the time to watch all of these episodes. It is worth knowing that if you are wanting to watch a Netflix Original Show, you can download them to your device so if you are on the go you can still watch your fav shows without worrying about your data uses.

What have you been watching on Netflix recently? let me know.

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