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Five Motivational Videos To Watch Now |

6th August 2018 by naffy

Manifesting goals There are some days when you feel like you need a kick up the bum and I will be honest, partially due to the summer weather we have been having the struggle can be real. When I need a bit of a boost I tend to lean towards certain youtube creators or podcasts to give me the push I need. You already know a lot about my love for motivational podcasts, which is why I thought I would share some of the videos to help bring back from the depths of despair and over thinking.

Programming your mind for Success | Carrie Green

Carrie Green talks a lot about visualisation and manifestation in an accessible way. She discusses this and her business The Female Entrepreneur Association and the mindset she adopted to get to where she is today. If you are into business and like ted talks, this is one to watch.

Lily Singh: Becoming your own superhero bawse | Lewis Howes 

I have admired Lily Singh for a good few years now, Not only as a business woman but also because of her morals and integrity. She demonstrates you do not need to fight dirty to be successful. This video encapsulates everything I love about this woman. I would also highly recommend her blogs to see how she manages to fit everything into her busy life.

Priyanka Chopra – Confidence | London Reel

Another South Indian woman whom I admire not just because of her creative work in the film industry but the philanthropy work she does and the way she presents herself. She is very intelligent and articulates her points in the above video perfectly. Both her and Lily are woman I wish I was able to see on my screen growing up.

How to become a success when you’re completely clueless | Amy Landino 

If you are strapped for time but looking for some small pints of motivation then Amy’s video are where it is at. Her videos include everything from morning routines, how to collaborate with others and useful tools and resources. If you are a freelancer or a content creator in particular you will enjoy watching her videos.


Business Q&A | Zanna Van Dijik 

Zanna is open, generous, refreshingly frank and genuine. If you follow her on social media you will know how busy she is with all the travelling and projects she participates in. It has been incredible to see her journey and see how she manages everything. She is very honest in her Q&A video and would be the first one to point out she hasn’t had it easy. Her advice is practical and you can really see she practises what she preaches.

If you are looking for guidance or some practical tips on motivation the above with definitely help.

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