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Five Things I’ve Learnt From My Pregnant Best Friend | Life

18th December 2017 by naffy

Pregnant Best Friend Around about a year ago, my best friend whisked me away for a lovely evening of afternoon tea all to tell me the wonderful news that she was pregnant. We laughed, we cried and it was a wonderful evening but what was even more astonishing was the beauty of motherhood she has shown me since. I learnt a lot not just in the nine months following this but the months and years which followed.

Sleep Deprivation is rife 

I mean you get told this numerous time but seeing how much sleep a mother actually gets and the reality of this is truly eye opening. I have a higher appreciation for mothers going through this and overtime I hear a mother talking about this – I honestly want to give them the biggest hug.

No love will match the love you have for your children 

My best friend is fiercely loyal and loving but I see this on a whole other level when she is with her children. She always have one eye on them and it is wonderful yet terrifying to see. To love someone wholeheartedly like that is scary but something I am secretly excited to experience one day.

It is ok to ask for help 

I do not mean you have a partner by your side but surrounding yourself with a support network of some form is something I would like to hope most parents out there have. My best friend lives far but whenever she is in town, it is comforting for me to know I am five minutes away from her if she needs me at a moments notice.

You need to look after yourself 

We all put pressures on ourselves, parenthood increases this tenfold so to have someone to lean on is beneficial in so many ways, from looking after your own mental health to taking over when you need 10 minutes to recuperate. It becomes more important when your a parent as you have someone else relying on you to be the best possible version of yourself you can be.

Your time is not your own 

This is the one thing which terrifies me. I love a little bit of a routine and I like knowing as much as possible how my day is looking. The first few years of having a baby changes this completely. You have their sleeping pattern and eating pattern to follow and you and everyone around you needs to adapt accordingly.

My best friend was one of the first people close to me who showed me what true motherhood entails and I will forever be in awe of her and the life lessons she has shown me through this journey.

  • Brittany|Coffee and Sarcasm
    18th December 2017 / Reply

    Great insight from someone on the outside. I loved being able to read about mom life from someone who took the time to see it as it is.

  • lola
    19th December 2017 / Reply

    Gosh the sleep deprivation is so real, when i was warned before having kids i didnt believe it. Also the fact that your time is not your own again, so so true. I feel like my daughter owns our schedule for the most part except when she is sleeping lollll

  • Melani
    19th December 2017 / Reply

    It is OK to ask for help! Please tell your friend to take care her baby carefully. Pregnancy is a very fragile condition. Don’t forget that there is a baby in her stomach. Avoid travelling or shocking condition. Don’t be too tired.

  • AmberLynn
    19th December 2017 / Reply

    Those are wonderful lessons to learn from someone else. Sleep is crucial, and I’ve experienced first-hand how babies can prevent you from having a good night’s rest. Especially when they’re newborns.

  • Helen | MostlyWoman
    19th December 2017 / Reply

    Great post! I am pregnant now and very soon expecting to meet my baby boy. I liked the part where you talk about looking after yourself. This part is very often forgotten. Thank you for sharing!