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Five Beauty Places To Visit In Leeds

15th March 2017 by naffy

Shopping in Leeds Nip and Fab Dior rogue lipsticks Harvey Nichols Leeds Shopping in leeds When I first arrived in Leeds, the first thing I wanted to do was to explore. Leeds is in an incredible city full of wonderful people and shops. Of course being a beauty blogger, I hunted down the five beauty places to visit in leeds. 

The Body Shop Store, Kirkgate 

You all know I adore The Body Shop so I was extremely excited to come across the biggest body shop store in the heart of the city centre. I am all stocked up for the moment but this is on my radar but when I need my Body Shop Fix.


Up until a couple of years ago, I did not know Sally’s Existed. Having being based in America Sallys has now made its way to the UK. Leeds has the biggest Sally store. if you are new to Sally’s this is the place you go to for your hair and nail care needs. They carry the premium hair are range from Loreal, TIGI, Opi and more. I had a good look around and there are a lot of products on the shelves I had not seen before. I am in need of a good hair oil so now I know what they stock, I will doing my research and potentially going back to make a cheeky purchase.

Space NK 

It was only time until I came across the Space NK Store. Based in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds, you get everything you expect from such as stunning store. It is small but it has everything in there you could imagine, from my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel to the By Terry Ombre Blackstar. I have a post on the top five things to purchase from Space NK coming up but the store is so beautiful, it is worth visiting. The only thing I found it is missing the basket of doom  near the tills.

Harvey Nichols 

I had to venture all the way in to Manchester city centre to find an Harvey Nichols so it was an delight to come across the store in the heart of the city centre. The Leeds store has the most beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Store you can imagine. When I went in there, the ladies were an absolute delight. They were happy to chat with me and there is every stand imaginable in there from Dior to Tom Ford. Unfortunately, I no longer live near a Selfridges so it is nice to have something as close as this to help get my higher end beauty fix.

M&S Beauty Department 

Yes, I have spoken about the M&S Beauty Department before but they do vary depending on the store. The one in Leeds has everything from brands such as Rituals to the Joan Collins Make Up Range. It is small, however there is a lot in there so worth a lunch time browse or weekend treat.

Those are my current Five Beauty Places To Visit In Leeds. I am sure there are more hidden gems to discover so tweet me your suggestions on where to get the beauty fix,

  • jmbalme
    18th March 2017 / Reply

    I so wish we had a Selfridges in Leeds! Though my bank balance probably wouldn’t! Glad you’ve found places in Leeds you like! :)

  • Ursula
    22nd March 2017 / Reply

    Sounds like fun for me…right now in my small city/town we have a few stores but not really a MALL…I think might need to travel to someplace just for fun and larger beauty counter!! Love the Body Shop products esp the TJmaxx has in town!