Five Beauty Instagram accounts you need to follow

18th March 2016 by naffy

Instagram When it comes to creating make up looks, one of the places I seem to find inspiration is Instagram. Sometimes, it is a friends picture where her make up looks flawless, other times it is campaign from a brand I am following. Either way, Instagram is the place to be to gain some make up inspiration. If you want to get inspired here are Five Beauty Instagram accounts you to need follow.

Rosie J Pierce
There is a reason Rosie has a very successful youtube channel as well as being recently selected to win Rimmel London’s blogger competition.

Each look Rosie create is done with perfect. She is not afraid to go away from the norm and challenge herself which I love.

I am sure I have mentioned my friend Halima and her wonderful Instagram account but I could not include her in this selection for you to follow.

Halima’s instagram account features all of her individually unique looks which compliment her skin tone and her crazy to boot. Whenever I come across one of her pictures, it inspires me to work harder at my make up skills.

Glam Life Guru
If you do not watch Tati on her youtube channel, you are truly missing out. I have been following Tati for over three years and I have to say I have never seen her not look anything other than utterly fabulous.

From her flawless skin to the precision and care she places in to her make up looks, I cannot help being in awe. If I ever was given the opportunity to be in the same room as her, I would sit patiently and watch her apply eye make up. She makes it look easy but I know there is a skill to it which I am determined to lock down.

Kaushal Beauty
I mean all you need to do is take a look at this account and realise the stunning Kaushal is incredibly talented at creating looks. When I have a big event or occasion to go too this is where I get my inspiration from.

Selfridges Beauty
When I need to find out what is new in the world of beauty and the new launches from brands such as MAC and NARS, I turn to Charlotte. She is the in house personal shopper for the Selfridges in Manchester exchange and I would not only recommend her account but also paying her a visit in store if you stuck on the beauty front.

Linda Blacker
Baker is a special photographer. She creates a series of stories from her images. They include the most exquisite costumes and make up  artistry I have seen. When I want to get lost in a world of fairytales, this is where I go.

Are you on Instagram? who do you follow? You can find me here, if you are interested.


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