Film Review – Brave

21st August 2012 by naffy

This month has seen Disney and Pixar animations come together to bring us one of the better films they have brought out in a while.

Brave is about a princess called Merida who is feisty and fiercely independent. The story tells of her wanting to decide her own fate different from the one that is supposedly chosen for her by her mother the queen.

I was really looking forward to watching this because I herd that Merida was not going to be a typical damsel in distress Disney Princess and she wasn’t. In fact from the modern day Disney films she is actually my favorite. She is played by Kelly Macdonald and  holds her own throughout the film.

In a move which is typical of Disney, there is a moral within the film which is that family is important and following your own path is something to strive for. I love that it is set in Scotland which is full of Myth, Legends and it’s own culture. The film portrays this perfectly and incorporates it in to the film

It has a good cast too, Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly play the voice of the King and Queen so you know the film will have some comedy in it. If you are a fan of Disney you will love this, it is my favorite of the new releases of the few years.

You can watch the trailer here:

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