Figs and Rouge Coco Vanilla balm

17th August 2012 by naffy

 I have always been a fan of lip balms. I am starting to build up quite a collection. I herd a lot about this brand a couple of months ago and wanted to know what it was all about because I herd good things about it in particular the Rambling Rose lip balm BUT there was none in stock so I decided to try this instead! Let me tell you now it did not disappoint.

The texture is soft on your hands and it isn’t heavy like you might think some balms would be. The same goes for when you apply it on your lips, it’s very soft and nourishing. I really like this product for many reasons. One of which is the smell. Coco and Vanilla = complete heaven I kid you not! It smells and tastes divine!

The second most important thing which is essential to know about the product is that it last really long! I can put it on just before I sleep and it will keep my lips from drying up in the night. If you have dry lips and want to try something new I would recommend this. You can get this online or from Boots. It retails at (£4.99)

I still want to try the Rambling Rose balm but I will definitely be repurchasing this one too.

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