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26th July 2017 by naffy

Summer Drinks IMG_7091 If you know me, you will know I tend to stay away from fizzy drinks. They tend to flare up my hiatus hernia which is no good. If I do touch it is usually for a special occasion. (for instance, if there is a homemade mocktail lying around) So when the new infused drinks from Feel Good* landed on my doorstep I was excited to try something new with a hint of flavor.

The Feel Good Infusions Strawberry and Mint drink* is a delicious natural drink during the summer days. It is a refreshing flavor perfect for garden parties and barbecues or summer get togethers.

It is best to have them chilled in the fridge to make the most of them. I will say there was a bit of a fizzy element to them which I was not expecting when I opened it. Due to the natural ingredients – there is only a slight fizz compared to traditional drinks. If you are someone who is trying to wean off sugary fizzy drinks this would be a good alternative.

Strawberry and mint is a classic combination which you really cannot get wrong but it if is not your cup of tea they have two other flavors in the range: Lemon and Elderflower and Apple and Pear. I am intrigued by the Lemon and Elderflower combination as I have yet to experiment with Elderflower drinks so I will be picking one up the next time I am in Sainburys.

While it doesn’t compare to my beloved Savse Smoothies, this is a good alternative for days when I am feeling for something carbonated that doesn’t leave me feeling sickly and bloated.

If you are still unsure and what to try them out for yourself Feel Good are traveling around the UK giving out samples in their Feel Good Taxis. The next stop is Brighton in Jubilee Square this Saturday.

Have you tried any of the Feel Good Drinks? Let me know what you think.


  • Laura
    26th July 2017 / Reply

    Sounds amazing. Would love to try this drink!

  • Jasmin N
    26th July 2017 / Reply

    Oh I haven’t heard about these before but I’ll look into them :-) sounds fab!

  • Farah
    27th July 2017 / Reply

    This looks great… Something I am going to try. Glad drinks like these have come out.

    Check out my wee blog :)

  • JelenaBB
    27th July 2017 / Reply

    Thank you for a post. I must try this drink. I do not like to drink water, although I know how important it is, o that the drinks with mild taste are adequate.