Fashion – Pretty Little Liars way.

15th May 2012 by naffy

Hey guys, first of all sorry for my absence! My final exam ever for uni took over my life for a little bit but have no fear i am back with a blogging vengeance! 
Have any of you seen the show Pretty Little Liars?! It is one of mine and my sisters favorite shows. We are seriously addicted to it and the book it is based on is pretty cool too. If you like American TV Shows I would definitely watch it! The new series starts in June, not long now! 
Anyway, besides the amazing storyline which keeps you guessing forever, the one thing i noticed about the show is how awesome the 4 main characters dress. For those of you who do not know the show is based around four friends Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily (in the picture above). Each of their styles is unique to fit their personalities. Aria’s is creative, Spencer’s show that she is an intelligent person, Hannah’s is girly and Emily’s is more sporty. I like every single one of their styles, some episodes i will like one out more than the other but either way the fashion sense these girls posses is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see what new outfits they will be wearing. Even off air, these girls know how to dress. It actually taught me a lesson, dress for you and to match who you are. Here are some of my favorites so far… 

What do you guys think? :)

  • 24th May 2012 / Reply

    I love their style…Hannah and Spencer are my favorites but all the girls are styled so well and I always see outfits and items that I love in every episode!

    • 24th May 2012 / Reply

      So do i! and same! i always watch out for whatever they are wearing on the show :)