Fashion Friday – Organising your wardrobe

29th March 2013 by naffy

Hey ladies, today I thought I would share with you my idea’s on organising wardrobes. Now, just to tell you, I love organising but my wardrobe does get messy too. This is just how I keep it managable and doesn’t bring the OCD in me aha.

Keep Things in sections
I think one of the things that make a wardrobe look quite clean or tidy is having things in sections. So I usually keep all my sweaters together, then keep my jumpers all together. My dresses go all together too.
It makes it really easy when you are in a rush and need to find your clothes really quickly.

This is the OCD in me but I think it looks so much better when all your clothes are hung up in the same way. It is always possible when you are in rush but every now and them I try and make sure that this is the case in my wardrobe. I don’t mind what hangers are used though because I think that depends on the type of clothes rather than just what fits in the wardrobe (I think that make sense – it does in my head anyway aha!)

Every wardrobe needs colour. Colours esentuate’s an outfit. I never really use to like much colour (I still wear a lot of black stables) but since I have worn more colour I really cannot get enough of it. I don’t colour co-ordinate though. I prefer the sections I mentioned earlier as it looks neat and also I think colour in a wardrobe looks quite nice.

So those are the three things I would look in to if you are wanting to organising your wardrobe. There are probably other ways you can organise your clothes such as in colours and stuff but these are the ones I prefer.

For more of a visual I really like the way Lily organises her wardrobe which you can watch her talk about here.

How do you organise your clothes?

Lots of love

  • 30th March 2013 / Reply

    Grear post, I've just moved bedrooms and was freaking out because my wardrobe looks a complete mess, this has really helped. Thanks!

    Sophie xo | thatswhatsophiesaid

    • 30th March 2013 / Reply

      aww I am glad it has helpd lovely! enjoy your new room± xxxx