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3rd December 2014 by naffy
Evening Dresses under £50

As it is the season of socialising, the chances are you will get invited to a party or two. I thought I would do some window shopping and show you some of the dresses I found for under £50. 
Blue Tile Print Tunic Dress | Buy Here
I am a fan of Tunic dresses. I think they work well for a lot of body shapes and go well for occasions as you can eat without worrying a food belly! The Blue and Gold make the dress perfect for time of year. 
Cutie Red Checked Lace Dress | Buy Here
This is more for an office/ work party when you want to dress a bit more fancy rather than something a bot less serious and fun. I really like it and would wear it. It is a great one to go from day to night in as you could actually wear it to the office quite plain and then jazz your make up up and give you a lift. 
Black Sequin Floral Hem Shift Dress | Buy Here
Tis the season to wear Sequins! Surprisingly, this is one of my favourites out the ones in this selection. I love the gold pattern as it adds something to it and it would definitely work well on a winter evening. You could add a black or gold handbag and shoes and a gold necklace to add something to it. 
Love Skater Dress with insert lace sleeve | Buy Here
I will admit I liked this dress because of the sleeves. It adds something to it. If you haven’t guessed I love the colour blue, I think it is a great neutral without being black so you can get a hint of colour. 
Brocade Dress | Buy Here
Brocade style dresses have to be one of the most flattering dresses to wear. I love how it flows out slightly adding a nice girly touch. The colour and detailed patterned on the dress is beautiful. I love the fact it has a decent neck because it would be something I would feel comfortable with. 
Lace Dress | Buy Here 
Stay with me on this one. I know it doesn’t look that much on the picture but if you look at it on the site you will see it has a nice lace bit on the waist and the pattern on the lace adds something fun but chic at the same time. 
Hope you guys find this useful and manage to find something you like to wear this month. All of these are under £50 so perfect if you’re on a budget or not wanting to spend too much on a dress. 

Lots of love

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