Entering my late twenties

28th January 2019 by naffy

Stress Today is my birthday and I am officially midway halfway through my twenties and looking back, I am not sure what I expected my life to be like when entered my late twenties and I very much still feel like an eighteen-year-old but I did learn a lot during my early twenties.

Health is important 

Your health is not something to take for granted. You never know when it will take a wrong turn. I have seen loved ones struggle with their health and it really made me take the reigns on my own health, making sure I keep all my appointment and not think to go to the doctors as a waste of time when I need to pay them a visit.

Life is unpredictable 

We are told to plan and being a planner I agree with this to an extent but unfortunately, the circle of life means you cannot always for certain events and that is ok. There have been so many incidents which I would not have seen coming but end up being life-changing. It took me a while but I grew to learn from these experiences and move past them – even if at the time I was crying on the phone to my parents. (Yep, totally adulting right there)

Talking is life-saving 

I spent my teenage years holding things back and keeping my feelings to myself. I was and still am a textbook people pleaser. After needing therapy in my early twenties, I began to see the value in talking to someone about my feelings – be that in the form of a letter or diary entry or with a friend or therapist.

Career trajectories are not linear 

I was part of the generation that was told you can do anything you put your mind too. If you want to go to university, you go get your degree and end up in a job. Let me tell you now, that is not the case. None of my friends who graduated at the same time as I ended up with the straight forward route to get their current roles. Careers in your twenties are very unpredictable and can take you in places you never expected. Mine took me to Yorkshire which I never expected. For others, their side hustles and creative outlets took off in a way they never imagined. The main thing is to seize all the opportunities presented to you. Remember nothing is set in stone as scary as that sounds, the freedom this gives you is rewarding.

Mistakes happen – Does not make you a failure. 

I hate letting people down. When I make mistakes, I often think of how much I have disappointed those around me. If it was something at work, for example, I am really conscious of my actions and can over analyse every little thing. If I make one small mistake I feel like the biggest failure but in truth, no one around me cares half as much as I do about that little spelling mistake I made. I have had to learn mistakes do happen but that it is ok and it doesn’t spell out the end of the world. As cliche as it sounds, the key is to learn from them and move on from them.



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