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17th October 2018 by naffy

Learning to love yourself When it comes to self care there is so much out there it can be a bit overwhelming. We are often told to do things which when you are busy can feel difficult to do. I can feel guilty when I schedule in self care throughout the week but it is often during the week on the evenings when I need it the most. So I came up with a list of things which I do daily which give me peace, allowing me to look after myself and each of these self care tips can take less than five minutes. (they can also take longer if you fancy it – adapt them at your own will)

Your skincare routine

I really enjoy the moment I come home from work get into my bathroom and take my make up off. I feel like I am also taking off the day off. I continue the podcast I was listening too on the way home or stick on a youtube video and give myself a few minutes with my skincare products.

Consciously breathe

Sometimes you just need to sit on your bed or in a quite corner and breathe for a few minutes. If I am at work and need a moment to myself I will go either in an empty room or more than often than not the bathroom and just spend a couple of minutes breathing. It relaxes you and can give you a bit of clarity.

Going for a quick walk

Being stuck in the same building all day can be bad for your mental health. Taking a couple of minutes to walk around the street or around the building makes the world of difference.

Have a quick conversation with a friend

This is something I will do if I am feeling particularly lonely or anxious. Usually I end up calling my mum, I may not even talk to her for too long but just a quick chat with someone you are close too can be soothing and reenergise you.

Doing your make up

There is just something therapeutic about doing your make up (although I will admit, this can sometimes take longer than five minutes)

Take time for a cup of a tea and biscuit

Unless I am actually out of the office or my house I tend to stay in the same place. Be it at the desk in my room or the desk at work. I like nothing more than breaking up my day by making a good old cup of tea with a quick snack while I watch a five minute youtube video.

Gratitude at the end of the day

I have started ending my days writing down three things I am grateful for and sharing it with you on Instagram. It literally takes me three minutes and makes me appreciates the small things which have happened during the day. Some days it is easier to do than others (for instance on bad days or days when you are feeling meh you have to dig a bit deep to get what you are looking for) other days it will come very easily to you.

Give your room a quick once over

I spend a lot of time in my room so taking the time to do small things like putting clothes I have worm that day away or making the bed before I leave for work so I can some home to a semi clean room makes the world of difference. Being surrounded by clutter can really make a difference. Do not get it twisted though my room could still do with a bit of a vacuum right about now.

Sit down near a window

There is something really peaceful about looking out of a window peering at the world going by. It allows you take a set back and collect your thoughts

Move location

Sometimes you need five minutes to move from A to B. Even if it just to get your body moving it can really rejuvenate you.


I know this is one that will not apply to all of you but one of the most soothing things I do is take the time to pray. As a muslim I break my day up by praying a few times a day. It helps to recenter me and gives me a break from whatever I am doing throughout the day.

For me self care is capturing small moments throughout the day rather than focusing on big moments of self care. Yes I do them too but the smaller moments help keep things more in balance on a regular basis and is more practical for someone who is new to self care or just finds it a bit overwhelming or struggling to find the time.



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