DIY Wood Backdrop

DIY Wood Tray Photo Backdrop

2nd February 2016 by naffy

DIY Wood Backdrop DIY Wood Backdrop One thing I like to change up is the background of my blog pictures. I really feel like they make a difference to a post. It can also be costly, but it does not have to be. I recently made this DIY Wood Tray Photo Backdrop all for under £5.

What you need

  • Wood Crate Tray
  • Taster Paint point in the colour of your choice

I wanted the texture and the shapes of the crate which is why I opted to decorate my own mini crate tray.

Once you find the size of crate you feel will suit your needs, you need to pick your paint. This is a little bit more tricky than I anticipated. I had the idea I wanted a mint green colour but was inundated with about Ten different shades of Mint Green. My poor father had to wait a good five minutes before I could pick one.

One tip – if your tray is small like mine grab a taster pot of the shade you want to use. It will be more than sufficient and will cost you a couple of pounds, three max depending on where you get it from. I got this deluxe sample from B&Q. I also stupidly picked up a paint brush to use but you do not need to. The tester has a mini brush inside attached to the lid so I decided to not use it and save it for another occasion.

You are now ready to paint.

Start off by turning the tray over and painting the base of the tray. Make sure the brush strokes are going in the same direction. That way it looks a lot more neater and gives the feel the finished tray could have been purchased in a store.

After you do the base you need to leave the paint to dry. I found it better to do this way working in stages so no paint would stick to the newspaper and mark the tray.

Once 10-15 minutes have passed and you can see the colour has changed and dried you can move on to the next section which are the four sides. Again you want to ensure the brush strokes head in the same direction.

Leave it for another 10-15 minutes. Once the paint has dried and you can place it on the sides without it sticking, you are ready to work on the inside of the tray. You can do this all in one go. I started off on the sides and took my time to make sure I was able to get in to the corners of the tray.

I then worked on the middle or the inside of the base of the tray. Leave to dry for a further 15 minutes and you now have your coloured tray.

Overall I was really happy with how the project turned out. If you are new to DIY, this is a good one to start. A quick tip is to make sure you get in to the nooks and crannies as it will look better when you want to use it either in the background or a back drop.

Have you made anything similar? Let me know.

  • Faye
    2nd February 2016 / Reply

    This looks so great, I always struggle with items to use in the background of photos and the tray looks so smart and sleek once it was painted xx

  • MissPond
    2nd February 2016 / Reply

    What a lovely idea for backgrounds. I love using wall paper strips.