DIY Friday | An ode to Honey

9th May 2014 by naffy

Happy Friday my loves hope you all have a wonderful end to the week. I wanted to talk to you more in detail about another home kitchen beauty tool that has multiple uses.

Honey has plenty of benefits. It contains great antioxidants so perfect for your skin as well as vitamins and minerals. 
So how do you add honey in to your beauty routine? Here is how.
Honey Cleanser
Due to its consistency and amazing skincare properties honey can be used a low budget cleanser. It also has anti septic qualities so it truly cleans your face. I would advise reaching for a.high quality honey if this is what you are planning to use it for. It is soft and leaves your face feeling amazing. 

Honey face mask
Honey can be mixed in with olive oil or a blend of oils and herbs for a face mask which can help aid the condition of your face. Using honey in a mask can give your face an added glow or va va boom.
There are other uses for honey for example can be used as a hair mask although I am not sure how I feel about that! 
If you are in too natural beauty honey is a great place to begin. Manuka Honey costs between £4-£9 depending on the amount and where you buy it from. Make sure you read the ingredients so you know it is straight Manuka honey. 
Have you used honey in your skincare? 
Lots of love
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