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25th April 2014 by naffy

Happy Friday beauties, we all have those moments when we get to the last dregs of a moisturiser or cleanser only to realise that we don’t have a back up.

Been there done that? yep, me too. Fear not! I have found a solution which I think I will keep in mind the next time I find myself in a rut.

What is this solution you ask? Well it can be found in the remnants of your kitchen and are two products I know I will have on hand at least 80% of the time. They are Honey and Olive Oil.

Honey has good skincare benefits and can be used for a variety of skincare treatments such as moisturiser. It can be used as part of a homemade exfoliator. Honey also contains antiseptic and antibacterial qualities helping to reduce infections and inflamation on the skin. If you have acne honey is perfect as it helps cleanse your skin and as it is not harsh it penetrates in to your pores preventing you from breaking out and keeping your acne at bay.

Olive Oil
I have an exciting post coming up on Olive Oil so I am not going to rave too much about this except say Olive Oil can be used as a great night time moisturiser (You can try it during the day but I don’t personally do that so will not say to do that) The vitamins, minerals and good fats  in the oil can help leave your skin clean and healthy. If you have dry skin this is something worth trying as it will help boost your moisture levels leaving your skin feeling plump. It is also said (I haven’t tested this as yet) to be used in dry areas on your body such as Elbows and Knees.

The best thing about this? Both of these ingredients are part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are things we have in our kitchen cupboards.

I am not going to say to replace your regular moisturiser with them (which you can totally do if you want) because that isn’t something I do so would be wrong of my to tell you to do. I will say though to try it the next time you are in a bit of a rut. After all it is better than having to wait the following day to go and purchase your moisturiser. 

Lots of love
  • 25th April 2014 / Reply

    I love these sort of posts!! I've heard so many good things about honey especially in treating acne.. but I just can't bring myself to use it cause its so sticky lol have you ever tried a bi-carb soda mask? I swear by them! xx


  • 25th April 2014 / Reply

    I love these idea – I like mixing the honey in with some yogurt as well to make a face mask. And it tastes good! Kat xx