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30th May 2014 by naffy

Happy Friday everyone. If you are student right now, there is a big chance you are in the middle of exams right now and your stress levels are high. I know, I’ve been there. It can be quite daunting and scary. If there is anything I learnt during my time in education while I was in college and university is that preparation is key. Make sure you have everything you need to keep you going and motivated. Here are some of my tips which I hope will help.

Eat Breakfast
I can see your ‘I know’ eye roll while reading this one but if you have a big day of revision coming up you need to fuel your brain properly. I won’t tell you what to eat (god knows my breakfasts are not the healthiest) but eating something is better than nothing. (although maybe skip the 9am chocolate bar)

Get your desk ready
I cannot work in a mess, I need to have a area where I can lay all my tools and books without feeling like it is cluttered. Cleaning up your space every evening will 1 – symbol that you are ready to relax after a day of revising and 2 – prepare you for the next day of revision.

When I was revision I had a mile obsession with The Hills and The City. I was a few series behind so to reward myself of a morning of revision I would watch an episode of The Hills and enjoy my lunch. I found this did two things for me. It gave me the motivation to lock myself away from the laptop and it also allowed me to switch off and charge my brain while I was eating. (You have to relax every now and then too to stop your brain from over flowing)

Keep snacks and drink handy 
I am a tea obsessive so I would make sure somewhere in the afternoon I would stop to have a tea break and a snack. This again would allow me to have a break. I would do this to a programme or a YouTube video where there is a time limit so you don’t spend too long on a break which can be counter productive. Back in the day I would have snacked on anything crisps, chocolates or something now a days I would probably snack on something like a Nature Valley chewy bar or some Dark Chocolate but each to their own.

Plan Plan Plan
I would literally plan my day to the hour (something I still do now) so I knew how much revision I needed to get done by lunch time or the end of the day. Yes, this is it a bit controlling and probably not for everyone but I had a lot going on in terms of living and life in general so I found this a great way to make sure I was able to revise the entire syllabus of my subjects (I did sociology, history, English Lit at A level and did Sociology as a degree). No I did not always get to page 30 by lunchtime but it meant that by the end of the day I did the amount of revision I needed and stayed on track.

There you have it! My top tips on surviving exams. I tried and tested all of these and found they helped me quite a lot. I was never the brightest kid in school especially when it came to exams so when I got to college I had to make sure I didn’t let myself down.  I found all of these tips helped me keep going and allowed me to get he best results I could during my time at college and university so I hope it helped some of you. 

Lots of love
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    Exams eh, I have my coursework to finish, at least the season for college is almost over :) xx
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