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19th August 2019 by naffy

Positive Mindset Creating a positive mindset is all well and good when you’re in a good headspace but what about those times when you need it the most? I like to think I am a positive person but more often than not, life surprises me and I have to work on keeping the smile on my face. It has been a journey but I have found the below to really help me when I need to refocus and practice being mindfully positive.

Daily Gratitude

If you follow me on Instagram you will know at the end of the day I share three things I am grateful for today. This can be anything from getting into bed after a long day or seeing friends. The practice takes time to get used too and I wasn’t sure it was working until I really needed it and it helped me change my mindset when something went wrong during the day. It also helps to do this in certain situations you may find yourself in. For instance, if you need a boost at work or had a bad day in the office, when you are clocking off for the day, write down three things you are grateful for specific to work that day. By the time you get home the day will not seem as bad as it did earlier that afternoon.


When something doesn’t go the way you plan sometimes in order to not let it affect you and move on you have to accept the situation. Let’s say if your bus is late or you get a negative piece of feedback, it can be really easy to let it ruin your day, however, if you accept it happened and try and see the wider picture it can help shift your mindset. For instance, if you’re bus is late, there is nothing you can do so instead of worrying about it, accept you are going to be late and enjoy the commute. When you get negative feedback, if it was constructive, see it as a way of being better for next time rather than letting it hang over your head.

Changing space

When I am in a negative headspace I often find going for a walk or changing up the place where I am working can make a big difference. I often find it allows me time to get a fresh perspective on whatever is bothering me at the time.


Yes, you read that right. Crying has a bad rep but I find it quite cathartic. As someone who didn’t use to cry in front of people growing up, I find if I need to cry, letting the tears out allows me to get all the emotion out of the way so when I stop I am a lot more composed and can think about my next move. If I hold in the tears, my mind would stay focussed on trying not crying and in turn, replaying the situation in my head, rendering me unproductive for the rest of the day.

Creating a positive mindset takes some time and concentration. Do any of you do the above? What are your top tips for creating a positive mindset? I would love to know.

Image form Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash
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