Charlie Lunn Art

23rd November 2012 by naffy

I love social media, it allows you find talented people that are out there. One of those people is Charlie Lunn.

I like art and I am lucky enough to know a few people who are very talented at it. Charlie has to be one of the most talented artists I know so I thought you all deserved to know who he is.

I have seen pictures of Charlie’s work for the past couple years and everytime I see them I cannot help but say how amazing they are. How precise are his drawings? they really resemble the people in the portraits (In these pictures Travis Barker and Jared Leto)  I love the amount of detail Charlie goes in to in his work. It shows how passionate he is.

He is a fabulous artists and gives 110% to his work.

He commissions his paintings so if you like what you see they make good christmas and birthday presents.
Prices start from £15 which I think is pretty incredible.

You can contact him via email ( ) and his facebook page.

Trust me you won’t regret it!

  • 29th November 2012 / Reply

    Wow! These are amazing, your friend is one talented guy!
    Mel x

    • 12th December 2012 / Reply

      He really is! thank you xo