How libraries saved my life | Lifestyle

This month is the international library month and to commemorate the month, I wanted to share what having access to a library means to me. This is how...
Gilmore Girls

Lessons I learned from Gilmore Girls

I have been watching Gilmore Girls since I was 14 and instantly fell in love with the small towns of Stars Hallow and the wonderful dialogue created by...
Almost Thirty

Almost Thirty | Lifestyle

I have never really been someone who has cared about their age. I enjoyed birthdays but that was mainly because it gave me...
friendship Apps

I used the Bumble BFF app and this is what happened | Lifestyle

We all need friends or people we connect with. Be it because you have moved city or country or because you have changed over the years and need...
Amazon Boxsets

The Amazon Boxsets you need to watch| Film

I love a good boxset so I thought I would share some of the Amazon boxsets I have on watchlist at the moment.
Reading on a budget

How to read on a budget | Books

I won’t lie, I know books can get expensive. Especially if you have a never-ending wishlist. Knowing this can put people off from picking up a book genuinely...