1st April 2012 by naffy

Bullying, it is such a common occurring within today’s society yet how do we really talk about it? I was a conference one of my lecturer’s organised and i was astounded at the level of bullying that takes place now. I am so glad Facebook took off after i had left school and the social network we did have did not cause a very big craze. (Hardly anyone used Bebo) anyway how could i explain it to you. Take a tacky American film where the popular kids do something really mean to the nice girl or boy who happens to be seen as a geek? (btw tacky isn’t a bad thing, i like these kind of films as much as the next person) now put that in to reality because chances are it has happened somewhere. Shocked? i would be.

I would never say i was bullied but looking back i was a lot more confident of myself than i am now and that probably helped me. If i was picked on, i knew it was not the end of the world and would just go away from that area most likely. Most victims of bullying however are weak and scared and they don’t know where to turn. There is a stigma attached to it but people would not realize the emotional and mental trauma it can cause people. Speaking to people who have been victims it is a very traumatic experience to go through. Bullying has been a reason for many suicide cases across the UK showing it is something which should probably have more attention.

If you are a victim and want some help here are some helpful organisations to look at

Bully free zone
Bully’s out

remember there are other options too every school as a strategy in place to tackle bullying so it is a good idea to tell a teacher who you trust or a friend, talking about it also helps you as you are most likely carrying it around like a secret adds to the pressure.

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