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Bulking up with BodyMe

1st February 2017 by naffy

Pea Protein Protein Powders have fascinated me for a while. As someone who wants to bulk up a little and add a little bit of weight to her skin, adding protein to my diet is something I am always trying to do. After trying a few, the one which drew me in has to be by BodyMe.

BodyMe is a vegan protein brand who produce both protein bars and protein powders. I first discovered them when the Cacao Orange Protein Powder turned up in my Sourced Box.

I was instantly surprised with how delicious the BodyMe Cacao Orange organic vegan protein bar was. It was filling and tasted more like a brownie or cake as opposed to something you would have after the gym or like me to help you put on weight. They have a mint bar which I need in my life.

After looking on their website, I was glad to see they have extended their range to now include their own protein blends which are a range of protein powders which are a combination of plant proteins such as pea protein and hemp protein. Protein Powders are great to add in to juices, smoothies or in my case porridge. I have the standard cacao powder which is something I am going to be going more and more.

The reason I have chosen the BodyMe protein products is because the dairy in whey upsets my stomach too much and my body in general works well with plant based dishes.

If you are looking to try a new protein powder the BodyMe powders could be the one for you.


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