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14th September 2016 by naffy

Apples Chop'd Eating in manchester build a better salad build a better salad So I think it is fair to say when most people think of a salad they imagine something boring and dull containing simple lettuce peppers and tomatoes and while there is nothing wrong with that it can give a feeling of meh. There is actually a lot you can do to build a better salad with chop’d Manchester guiding us along the way.

Chop’d Manchester is an all natural British sourced salad bar with a bit of a twist.

The Salad Bar first opened in London and aimed to challenge people’s perception oh how to eat and what a salad is. With a mix of the standard greens you would expect in a salad there is a also a bundle of fancy Deli items such as sun dried tomatoes, mashed pakora and baked falafel to name a few.

What I found to make the biggest difference to the way Chop’d build you a better salad is the quality of the ingredients they have on offer. Each ingredient is chosen based on the flavour and the quality and go a long way.

I attended a masterclass and the first thing on the agenda was giving us a lesson on how to source the best ingredients and why staples such as the apples (which FYI taste delicious in a salad) are only served to customers if they taste the best they can be.

While I was at their Cross Street Branch in Manchester I had he opportunity to build my own a salad with a mix of Couscous, peppers Mexican Beans, chickpeas, baked falafel, lettuce with a balance of Sweet Chilli Sauce.

You can purchase pre made salads at the store which is great if you’re in a rush but the build a salad is my favourite part of the store as you have sole control of what is in the salad. You get to choose your base, a mix of three house items as well as a deli item and sauce to create your dream Salad.

As a vegetarian, I was hugely impressed with the variety of options available. Salads are easy to make for sure but aside from the regular cheese, eggs and Tuna, the options in a chain store can be limited so it is nice to have a place which offers something a lot more and packs in a lot of protein.

Have you built a better Salad with Chop’d? This was my first time paying it a visit and I already want to go back.

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