The Mae Deli

Breakfast at The Mae Deli

22nd June 2016 by naffy

The Mae Deli

The Mae Deli

The Mae Deli

I first herd of Ella and her blog Deliciously Ella a couple of years ago and followed her inspirational journey ever since. She focuses on plant based foods and her over all outlook on life is admirable. Since launching her blog  Has has two cookbooks under her name as well as a restaurant called  The Mae Deli.

The moment I knew Ella had opened her first cafe I knew it was I had to visit.

The Mae Deli is based in Marble Arch and is very easy to get too on the tube. When you walk in you are instantly greeted to this warm and welcoming atmosphere and the staff are incredibly lovely.

I had a look at menu before I got there so I knew what I wanted to try. I opted for the Rye Bread with Spiced Apple Compote and Chia Seed Jam. I have never had Rye Bread before so did not know what to expect but I honestly enjoyed it. It was delicious and surprisingly filling.

To go with it I had a Hot Chocolate which was made of natural. Dairy free, Vegan friendly ingredients which was perfect as I am sensitive to dairy which makes having hot chocolates when I am out and about rather difficult. It reminded me how delicious it was.

I kind of over stayed my welcome as I was using the free and doing some work while I was eating but the staff were incredible and did make me feel like I over stayed my welcome.

On my way out I had a look at the baked goods they had available and could not resist the peanut butter fudge brownies. For those of who are not aware of Ella all the food she produces is natural, hand made and full of fresh ingredients which means you can indulge without feeling too guilty about it.

Another thing I really like was how affordable the food was. We are often told how healthy food is much more expensive and healthy clean living is not something attainable but Ella has shown it is in fact attainable and you do get your pennies worth when you make a purchase.

The Mae Deli was honestly one of the nicest places I have had breakfast and will definitely be going back the next time I am in the city. I mean I need to try out the pancakes too! It would be rude not too.

  • Alice
    26th June 2016 / Reply

    This place looks like a gorgeous place to have brunch, it’s inviting and homey! Love your shots!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    • naffy
      26th June 2016 / Reply

      Thanks sweetie xxx