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Break up with your phone, I’m bored.

2nd May 2019 by naffy

Digital Detox I know we all live in a technological world and to an extent, we need our phones to be able to work and keep in touch with family and friends but recently I found myself spending more time than I should on the app. After some consideration, I realised it was time for me to break up with my phone. 

This isn’t easy to do and there are varying degrees this can be done. Here are some small ways I am being more mindful of my digital consumption through my mobile phone.

Schedule Social Media Time. 

Allocating time to scroll through your feed or reply to any messages and send any tweets you want to share is a good way to make sure you do not get caught up and an endless scrolling session. If I think of a tweet I will write it down somewhere and maybe share it during that time.

Leaving my phone on the table. 

I don’t live at home so I can’t really switch off my phone incase my parents need to get hold of me. What I have decided to do instead is place my phone on my table. That way if I am spending time on my laptop watching a show or reading my book in bed, I can be present doing that activity rather than checking my phone every few minutes.

Putting my phone in my bag 

This one is when I am with friends and family or in situations where I want to be present. Keeping my phone in my bag means it is very noticeable when I do take it out which can be seen as rude and just not the best practise when someone is talking to you.

There are other things I wish I could do. Such as going offline for the day or turning my phone off before bedtime but in all honesty, that isn’t me. If that is something you are interested in trying, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. For me, personally, this doesn’t work. I get scared I am going to miss a call from my parents or my sister even though the chances of that are slim.

What is your relationship with your phone? Do you have to be more mindful about your digital consumption?

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