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26th December 2017 by naffy

IMG_8672 Boxing Day Sale shopping can be all kinds of stressful. Sine the 22nd I have inundated with countless emails reminding me the sales were about to start if not already starting. I know I cannot be the only one slightly overwhelmed which is why I thought I would share some Boxing Day Shopping tips and tricks.

Shopping before the sales start 

Most sites have a saving option where you can add to wishlist. Sites like ASOS allows you to save the items you’re interested in for up to sixty days. When the sale starts you will be able to see if the item will be on sale. I’ve already done this on ASOS and found a backpack I wanted on sale and could not be happier.

Make a list 

You can end up getting carried away spending hours and hours looking on a site only to not find a thing your looking for. Making a list ensures you are searching for things you want allowing you visit more shops and explore more stores throughout the day.

Set a budget

I often find it useful when shopping in the sales to set myself a budget. If I am searching for a dress, I will use the filters to adjust the price range within the limits I am willing to spend on the item that way I cannot accidentally come across something that is out of my budget and would regret purchasing down the line.

Boxing day is wonderful day to relax and do a spot of shopping so I hope these shopping tips and tricks help you enjoy your day, regardless of what you have planned.

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