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15th January 2019 by naffy

Books to read in 2019 Books to read in 2019 The new year has only just started but I already have a wishlist of books I am eager to delve into. From new releases to some books I discovered in 2018 but just haven’t gotten around to reading. Here are some books to read in 2019

An Edited Life – Anna Newton 

I remember when I first found out Anna was writing her first novel, I gave a little squeal. This book takes you through tried and tested tips on how to organise and edit your life. Anna is the queen at organisation and is very practical. If you read her blog, you will know how amazing her advise and writing is. It literally came on the shelves last week and I cannot wait to delve into it.

Crazy Rich Girlfriend – Kevin Kwan 

After falling in love with the film, I finally read Crazy Rich Asians and fell in love with everything about it. You fall in love so much more quickly and deeply with Astrid, Nick and Rachel.  Crazy Rich Girlfriend is the second book in the series and I cannot wait to delve into it.

Normal People – Sally Rooney 

I cannot believe I have yet to read this book. I have heard a lot about this book and Sally Rooney herself. It is currently Waterstones book of the year and follows two friends and their relationship.

The Discomfort Zone – Farrah Storr 

Farrah Storr is the editor of UK’s Cosmopolitan magazine and seems to be an utter gem. The Discomfort Zone talks about going out of your comfort zone and how worrying about taking risks can hinder you in life.

On the Come Up – Angie Thomas 

I haven’t heard too much about this but Angie Thomas wrote the book, The Hate That You Give, which had to be one of the most devastatingly beautiful books I read last year. On the come up will be her second novel following a girl whose father was involved in the hip hop scene and was shot.

The Skills – Mishal Hussain 

This is more of a business book/ Life Manual but it is written by Journalist Mishal Hussain. In it, she discusses the difficulties she found during her career and the skills she learnt which can be transferred to most if not all careers. It touches on gaining confidence, how to work through the long hours and the highs of lows of your career.

Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge 

I actually know Reni so this book has been on my reading list for the longest time. Reni is one of the most articulate women I know so I am excited about how well written this book is going to be. As an ethnic minority woman, I know it will be something which will resonate with me.

Which books are looking forward to reading in 2019?

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