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When you have a big event | Review

14th June 2018 by naffy

Masque Bar Nose Strip Eye mask review Garnier Tissue Mask As you are reading this, we are two/ three days away from Eid. I also have a couple of weddings coming up. It is going to involved a few late nights and Indulgent eating. So to prepare for that, I thought I would share some of the things I add to my beauty routine ahead of a big event. 

When it comes to big occasions I like to make sure my under eyes look as hydrated as possible so along with using eye cream, I crack out an eye mask. I recently came across the hydra gel patches from Masque Bar. Filled with gold collegen it aims to elastise, hydrated and smooth the under eyes.

The problem with wearing glasses is that oil can build up around the nose and it can just get bit congested which is why I want to use the Masque Charcoal Nose Strip. The reason I was drawn to using this is because charcoal is used to help purify and cleanse the skin getting rid of blackheads and excess oils around the nose area,

A big occasion is a good time as any to use a sheet mask and the one I want to try is the Garnier Charcoal and Algae Hydrating Face Sheet Mask to help purify and then hydrate the face. I find this combination can help brighten up the face which you need after a long evening preparing for a big day of celebrations.

When it comes to looking your best for big events or occasions such as Eid a good tip is to start with your skincare. If you look after your skin, it will give you a boost of confidence and also allow the fabulous makeup you’re about to apply sit on your skin better so I hope this gave you some tips to get your skin into shape.

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