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26th December 2012 by naffy

Hi everyone! first of all I just want to say Happy Christmas, hope you all had a great day with your friends and family and ate lots of yummy food :) 

I read a lot of beauty articles. Whether or not I am looking up a product review for something I am thinking of trying or just pleasure it has slowly become part of my everyday routine. From blogs to YouTube and magazines it is safe to say I have an unhealthy obsession reading them.

Saying that, I thought I would show you all my favorites. You all have probably herd of at least a few on the things on the list but I hope you find something on here you like and want to read. Brace yourself for a very long list! (It doesn’t even make up half of what I read!)

1. Vivianna Does Make Up
This is a blog and YouTube channel ran by the lovely Anna. I love her writing styles and her passion for the products she talks about leaps off the page and her video’s. She posts very regularly and I check her blog every couple of days to see what products she recommends. She also does some tutorials which are very easy to follow and recreate. There is also the occasional food post on her blog which I love. It is a definite must read.

2. What I heart today
One of my other favorites comes from the lovely Lily Pebbles. She loves lipstick, lip balm and hand cream which is something we both seem to share. I love reading and watching what she has to say about her latest purchases. I have asked Lily recommendations on products before and have loved each one. The pictures on her blog are amazing quality as well as her writing style which is also incredible. It is a very real and genuine blog. Every Saturday there is a lovely food post too which is filled with some amazing ideas and recipies.

3. Essie Button
I share a love for lipstick with Estee. We seem to like similar shades too which I really like. I really love the MAC lipstick in plumful after hearing her rave on about it a lot recently. Her reviews are honest and I love that she talks about others things too such as her non beauty loves and her travels. Her amazingly bubbly and cheerful Canadian personality literally leaps from each frame and page. I love that she posts regularly often too.

4. Lips So Facto
I would love to be friends with all the above (a bit creepy I apologise) but this definitely includes Meg. She loves books as much as beauty which I love. I have found few book review  vlogs thanks to her too.

Meg’s style like the others is fresh, true, easy to follow and feels like you are talking to a friend about your favorite lipstick rather than goes over your head. She does tutorials which are easy to follow, she is very too the point in the sense if she doesn’t like a product she will let you know which is very refreshing and not something every beauty blogger does.

5. Couture Girl
Kayleigh is one of my favorite blogs too. The layout of the blog is incredible and her reviews her honest and genuine.  I have spoken to Kayleigh a lot on twitter and through email and can tell you she is a lovely as her blog shows. Her way of speaking to the readers is very down to earth and honest. her blog comes with incredible pictures too which are a pleasure to look at. If you like fashion, she throws in some fashion posts and always manages to find the cutest tops and bargains. What more could you ask for from a blog?

6. Allure Magazine
This magazine is beauty heaven! It is beauty from front to cover. It is a dream magazine for beauty lovers everywhere. Unfortunately, it is imported from America making it hard to get. I am lucky my local newsagents sells it. If you live in the UK and near one of the bigger WHSmith stores it is worth looking there to see if they have it too. You can also subscribe to it online, it is a bit expensive but I can honestly say it is worth it. It allows you to see what new products are coming out in the future in the UK and easy to read and follow.

7. Temporary Secretary
This is one of my best blog finds from this year. It is so cute everything from the layout, the posts and the pictures are just stunning. Again is it fashion too but she posts about beauty products too. The passion grabs the readers from the get go and I love this blog.

8. Fleur De Force
I am sure most of you have herd of this lovely lady and I can see why. If you are looking for a blog with a good combination of high end and drugstore beauty products Fleur does this well. It is why I love it. I love finding out what products may be worth trying out and investing it and where you can save a few pennies while still loving the products too.

9. Liana Beauty
Liana Beauty is Amelia’s blog and I love reading it. She has the most amazing hair so it is always nice to see what hair products she uses. The pictures are amazing and her reviews are always very informative.

10. Glamour Magazine
I love reading magazines for different reasons and I love Glamour’s mix of both fashion and beauty quite well too. I like how they use a mix of both high end and drug store products so that people with all kind of budgets can read it and feel like they can work that look if they want too.

11. Amarixe
I love Alison’s blog and YouTube channel. The layout is fantastic and she has specific features on it too. She is also a very generous and caring person as her giveaways are spectacular! Her writing style is friendly and very readable. As with the rest of the blogs too, the pictures are great quality. I know that I could try out products that she recommends and know that 9/10 I will love it.

There are so many more but I don’t want this to get repetitive so here are a few other links to some of my favorite blogs.

A beautiful mess

Happy reading! and Happy Christmas

Lots of love

  • 12th February 2013 / Reply

    Hi, I was wondering what is the name of the newsagents that stocks the allure magazine?


    • 18th March 2013 / Reply

      Hi! it is my local one hun xxx

  • 25th February 2013 / Reply

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