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2nd March 2012 by naffy

I have been seeing a lot about eating disorders and people worrying about their weight a lot more recently. It is kind of scaring me. I am not going to give you the big eating disorders is wrong lecture you would normally read on blogs instead, i think the gap is knowing where to get the information from. I understand that people want to stay healthy, i am one of those people. The thing that irritates me is that people are not told enough where they can get the correct information to do this from. This is extremely vital for young people who are feeling body conscious as they are most affected by eating disorders. You have to know what websites are legit and others are not. Here are a few that i know will help and give you the correct information on how to ne healthy and feel good without ruining your body with extreme diets and eating disorders.

The NHS has a really good website link all about staying healthy here it is

You can also calculate your eating habits, BMI weight and stuff on there. It gives you good tips on how to stay active without having to go to the gym or a long run. too.

There is also stuff on the BBC website but honestly you can learn so much just by going on the NHS link. I will be doing a post about healthy alternatives later but remember we all come in different shape and sizes. No particular one is right.

If you are reading this and suffer from eating disorders please feel free to talk to me about it in a comment box annonymously if you want or check this website out. It is a organisation called BEAT and it helps thousands and millions of young people across the UK who suffer from eating orders.

Beat – Beating eating disorders

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