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An Afternoon with Margaret Dabbs London

13th December 2016 by naffy

Margaret Dabbs London Pedicures in Manchester Manicures in Manchester Getting pampered in manchester Nail Salon in Manchester Clinics in Manchester Margaret Dabbs London UK When it comes to looking after myself and my skin, the one place I can neglect is my feet. I cannot remember the last time I had a pedicure so this weekend I went to Alderley Edge to Spend an afternoon with Margaret Dabbs London.

Margaret Dabbs London is a stunning little clinic which specialises in Manicures and Pedicures. What sets Margaret Dabbs London apart from many of the high street salons is that all the staff are trained podiatrists. This means you can visit them and they will look after any concerns you may have. For instance, if you have an ingrown toe nail, they can do the treatment there along with your pedicure. This may be too much information for you all but I have had to remove an ingrown toenail before and I have to say if I need to have a similar procedure again, I will definitely be looking in to visiting Margaret Dabbs London to get it done.

When I got there I instantly welcomed by the lovely staff who asked me if they could help. They took my coat from me and offered me a drink. I was then introduced to my therapist who took in to a room where they were playing christmas songs. She was very friendly and explained what she was going to do to before she began the pedicure.

The treatment I had done was the Medical Pedicure. The lady was very soft and gentle whilst doing the pedicure and took me through each step. I could tell she really cared about the condition of my feet and got rid of all the dirt and grime which can build up. (I am building a great picture for you aren’t I)

While this was happening a lovely lady called Rosie also came in and did a manicure for me. Again she was extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I did not have colour on the nails but they have a variety of shades to choose from if you are someone who likes to get their nails done.

Not only was I am impressed with the treatments but also the products they used on me. From the cuticle oils to the foot balm, I left the clinic feeling I had a food and hand transformation. For the price, they are definitely worth it. You can get some of the sets online and on QVC so I will be making a cheeky order.

For the service and care provided at Margaret Dabbs London, the prices of the treatments and products is very reasonable and make perfect presents and treats. My mother would love this so I will definitely be taking her there in 2017.

From my visit to Margaret Dabbs I have come to realise a pedicure although from the outside may appear something of a luxury, it is actually something worth investing in atlas once a year. An Afternoon with Margaret Dabbs London is going to become a yearly ritual.


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