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14th April 2012 by naffy

The American Republican primaries have had the american news talking about everything from the candidates to their views on abortion and homosexuality. Personally? i am just glad that Obama is running as i would be voting for him if i was eligible to vote in America.

Rick Santorum, decided to back out of the race making it more likely that Mike Romney will be the Repulican nomination to stand against Obama. To me this is a good thing, as i think the majority of Americans will hopefully find him to be out of touch with society, especially American society which is progressing very quickly over the years.
There are other reasons one being Romney is out of touch with America. Barack Obama has more personality and although i know for a fact this is not enough to stand alone on he will have policies which will help the American public. Romney on the other hand is simply being dubbed ‘The CEO of America’ basically a upper class tory equivilant in England. The economy is his main focus but there are so many other problems facing America such as the need for decent health care and schools in deprived areas. 
The class divide is already beginning in to show in England more so than it has in previous years. Considering that it is roughly 20-50 time worse in America as it is these are things which are important to focus on and i know these are issues which will be addressed avidly by Barack Obama. 
So, am i worried that there will be a republican leader of the biggest free country in the world? no, i have faith Barack Obama will be doing enough to show he has what it takes to carry on leading the country. Otherwise…the world is in more trouble that it already is. 
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