A trip to Lush Oxford Street

27th July 2016 by naffy

IMG_9771 Lush Oxford Street Lush Oxford Street Lush Oxford Street If you love Lush Cosmetics, you will have herd about their London based flagship store. After hearing only good things about the store, I knew it was time to take a trip to Lush Oxford Street.

The first thing that took me by surprise was how big the store is. My closest Lush Stores are in Manchester and they are quite small so I was slightly taken a back at the two storey foot deliciousness.

Lush is known for it’s best sellers including masks such as their Mask of Magnaminty however the Oxford Street store has so much more to offer. If you are an old hat to the brand or someone just starting out, I would highly recommend taking a good look at all the different masks they have to offer as it is one of the few stores which will have the entire collection on display. I have my eye on the cup of coffee mask which smelt divine.

As you walk throughout the store there are large sinks scattered around so the staff can show you how the bath bombs work when you mix it them in the water. A few of the bath bombs are exclusive to the store so I would focus of them if you are like me and just visiting the city.

My personal favourite parts of the store has to be the hair section. I knew Lush did hair products but again the selection at my local store is nearly none existent. I was honestly amazed at the variations of shampoos and conditioners they have to offer. I had just finished having my hair cut so hair was on my mind. As someone who has curly hair I may have to pick up curly wurly. (it would be rude not too)

I had herd about the exclusive section of the store which was my main reason for venturing in to the store. It is a counter at the back of the store and is filled with bars and bath bombs which are exclusive to Oxford Street.

Overall, I won’t lie the store can be slightly overwhelming especially when it is busy but it is filled with all the goodness you would expect from Lush. The staff are extremely friendly so if you do get overwhelm or just want a hand on your trip to Lush Oxford Street, they will point you in the right direction.

Do you plan to take a trip to Lush Oxford Street? Do you have a favourite Lush product? let me know!

  • Denisa
    27th July 2016 / Reply

    the comforter shower gel,bublegum lip scrub and Blackberry bath bomb are my lush favorites!