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A Change Is Gonna Come | Book

10th August 2017 by naffy

A Change is gonna come book review I read a lot – I like books that is no secret and every few books there will be one which resonates with me, not just in that moment but for months and years to come. A Change Is Gonna Come is that book for me.

A compilation of short stories written by authors from ethnic minority backgrounds come together sharing a story about creating change and in turn a more open and diverse culture.

Without spoiling too much, I could my own experiences read back to me while at the same time being in awe of the characters for making a difference in the world they were living in – not just for them but in most cases their community.

Nikesh Shukla from The Good Immigrant and Coconut Unlimited lends his words to this novel. Along with Ayesha Malik and Tanya Byrne to name a few, there are 12 heart-wrenching provoking short stories within the book. Each one brings home the strength and stamina of the everyday person. The thing which looking back strikes me as a running theme is that each of the characters are everyday people on the street who through human instinct and survival create waves in the community and society in which they are living in.

I was not familiar with some of these incredible writers until I read this book which makes me sad as this is some of the best literature I have had the fortune to read. While I am incredibly grateful to have discovered them, it has made me determined to read at least one other book from each of them. To put it into context how captivating their story telling was, I read this solely on the commute to and from work and it only took me three days.

The stories range from being set in modern day to being set in a Victorian era which really brought home to me how far diversity has come in the west while at the same time showing very clear indicators we have a long way to go in our journey in creating an open, diverse community. This book, these writers sharing their truths is a step in making this happen.

A Change is gonna come is officially out today and if you are someone who likes to read pieces of writing which make you feel and think all at once, I would highly recommend it.



  • Charlotte
    10th August 2017 / Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m always on the prowl for a good read and short stories are great for nights you want to read a little something before bedtime (#old lol). Anyway, I haven’t heard of these authors you mentioned–will add to Goodreads list :)