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A change in Direction

6th February 2017 by naffy

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Regular readers of the blog will be aware that my life has taken a turn recently. A turn in a good way. Quite simply, a lot is happening in what is a short space of time, which is why it feels natural to make a change in direction.

The change in direction is in relation to by blog. I want to make sure the content I produce is a good quality and also make sure it is something I an proud off to show you and the world.

Currently I post 6 days a week, which yes is a lot of work, but also can lead to a couple of posts being posted for the sake of it which is not something I ever want to do.

The above, coupled with my new job means I have had instances when I am burning the candle at both ends and while I am a workaholic and love producing content I have to put my health first which is why I am going to be posting on the blog 4 days a week. The content is going to be the same, there will be a mix of both beauty and lifestyle posts.

I have been toying with which days to do what and I have decided on are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and each post will go live at 6:30am. 

After a couple of years of constant posting on this blog, it is time to enter the real world again and incorporate my little space in the internet in to it. For a very long time, it was definitely the other way around. This will allow me to spend time to explore content of my favourite bloggers, fall back in love with the blogging community and also just live life so I have good content to share with you all. I have so many cool things coming up and I want to share them with you.

It has been a while since I have done a big change like this so I hope it works well for you all and it is a change in direction you can all get on board with. See you at 6:30am on Wednesday.




  • Elsa Eats
    6th February 2017 / Reply

    Prioritising yourself is definitely a good idea, you have just one life. Make it a good one!

  • Jodie Whitham
    7th February 2017 / Reply

    Do whatever feels right! I admire how you’ve been able to do 6 days…I’ve recently started doing 2 days. I would skip between once a week and daily when doing blogger challenges e.g. blogmas and blogtober x