2020 goals

20 Things to do in 2020.

11th February 2020 by naffy

2020 goals The bumpy start of the year has meant I wrote off January as being the fresh start most people claim it to be. Luckily I am also the believer in making goals whenever you need to, not just in January so after some soul searching, I made a little list of 20 things I plan to do in 2020.

Learn new skills

One of the things I want to do this year is invest in learning new skills. This mean using online resources like Skillshare and Masterclass to upskill my creativity as well as seeing what in-person courses are in my budget. I have the free version of Skillshare already and some of the courses look really good.

Be a better sister

This isn’t to say I am a bad sister. I don’t think I am and I am lucky enough to know if I was, my little sister would call me out on it. I do think it is a work in progress and we both grow as individuals our relationship needs to adapt which means I need to be aware of this keep myself in check to make sure I do right by her.

Say yes to things which excite me but I find scary

I often find myself saying no to things I often wonder if I would regret saying no too. For example, my friend invited me to something and I wasn’t sure I was going to go. I had a busy week and it was the last thing I needed to do BUT I decided to go and you know what, I am really glad I did. It was a stark reminder I can put myself out there without self-combusting into a million pieces.

Go to therapy

I am not very good at talking to people I love about what is bothering me. I am good at listening and helping others but when it comes to my own mind there are areas I could really work on. I have done therapy before and found it a very useful vessel to breakdown my thoughts and the introspection it can bring.  Therapy doesn’t have to be the last resort which is why I would like to work on my mental health before it gets to the stage where I absolutely have too.

Ask more questions

I don’t ask enough questions out aloud. I ask them in my head and sometimes the internet but very rarely do I say them out loud. I was recently reminded that it is ok to ask questions and I should be asking them so I have made it something to do more of this year,

Make more executive decisions

While for the most part, I am good at making decisions, I realised there have been instances when I haven’t done this and to be honest, it really made me question my strength as a human being with her own mind.  So I am making a conscious decision to be more decisive and voicing these decisions.

Find new glasses

I had my eyes tested a while ago and while my eyes haven’t changed THAT much, my eye site has altered slightly which means I need new glasses. I also feel the pair I am wearing at the moment are a bit too harsh on my face so the timing is right for a change. Watch this space.

Go to Stylist Luxe Live.

I went to Stylist live back in 2018 and really enjoyed it. I was devastated to miss the new Stylist Luxe event last year and had a serious case of FOMO so I am planning to pick up tickets to Stylist Luxe 2020 as soon as they are on sale.

Create a full season of my podcast

I have spoken about the fact I am creating a podcast on here before and I am almost ready for you to hear it. Alongside all the excitement and nervousness which comes from launching a new project, the aim is to an produce and share an entire first season with you before the year is over.

Go for more walks

I find walking with a podcast in my ears to be incredibly soothing and refreshing. I do walk a lot but I want to set some time to do this more often especially as I work in an office and a lot of what I do involves me sitting down a lot. It helps me think and gives me a new perspective on situations which can build up in my head.

Spend a weekend in Brighton

Brighton is one of my favourite places in the UK. If I could, I would live there in a heartbeat. I had planned to spend my birthday there exploring the lanes, eating delicious food and just soaking it all in. I want to make sure this actually happens at some point this year. I am thinking around April time would be ideal. Doughnuts on the beach anyone?

Reinvest in my Skincare routine

So I have started doing this but I still feel like I need to get back into investing in my skincare. In the process of looking for a cruelty-free vegan skincare regime, I stepped back from investing in products my skin needs and loves. Thankfully, some of my favourites naturally align with my ethos, I just need to take a plunge and do a bit of an overall in my skincare. (I will be sharing any updates over on my Instagram if you are interested.)

Finish writing my novel

So last year I started writing a novel. I am only a couple of thousand words in which means I need to buck up and make time to flesh it out and quite frankly finish it so I have a chance of sharing it with the world. I think insecurity has stopped me from moving forward with it. It is a story which is quite personal to me so I want to make sure I do it justice.

Educate myself

So this goes in tandem with learning a new skill I guess but what I mean by this is reading more, soaking up articles, books, podcasts on topics I want to know more about such as politics, psychology and the environment. I have a good starting point for this so as soon as payday comes around this will be put into action.

Test myself in my career

I need to be comfortable with going out of my comfort zone. I need to check in with myself and make sure I am happy with the way things are going, where I need to improve, what skills I can work on and develop to be the best I can be.

Explore my cooking abilities

I tend to cook the same few dishes which is fine. I really do enjoy them and they comfort me but it is about time to mix things up.

Go on a writing course

Writing fiction is slightly different to writing a personal account or an opinion piece. It requires a little more technical direction which is why I want to do a writing course. I got a taste for how beneficial this would be during my time at Ruckus Retreat last year so I am looking forward to investigating this further.

Be comfortable with sharing my opinions

I use to be good at sharing my opinions but as the internet developed and my confidence dwindled sightly so did my voice. I won’t go into this too much right now but this is changing and I am excited for what is to come.

Get into boxing

I grew up doing karate and as part of that we learned a bit of boxing and I honestly miss it. I need to feel strong again within myself and doing something I love like boxing is a great way to do that.

Hosting Panels

I had a taste of hosting a couple of panels last year and I really enjoyed it. It made me realise I want to do more of it this year so I am putting it out there in the universe so I can make it happen.

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