18 Life Lessons from 2018

2nd January 2019 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha 2018 - a year in review Nafisah Atcha 2018 has been a year of lessons, some to do with work some to do with life, all of them personal. Talking to others, I know I am not the only one who has felt like this, so I thought I would share 18 life lessons from 2018.

It is ok to have your own opinion

Thanks mainly due to the cancel culture we have in todays society, I realised I was holding back on sharing my opinions on a lot of topics. Either, I didn’t want any drama or thought I was unworthy to share my view on something. I realised this was no way to live and decided to be more vocal about things. In turn, it made me realise what I was really passionate about. I started to understand, I do not need to talk about everything but I can be vocal on certain things I feel deeply about.


Quality of sleep is important 

I use to focus on going to sleep at a certain time but I realised it did not always work. If I didn’t wind down, my brain would still be working overtime which was not cool and would often leave me being awake an hour later wide awake. Not cool.

Self Care can go too far

There were definitely moments I should have been more productive but used the excuse of listening to my body and self care to not do it. Reality is, if I want to do all the things, I am going to have to compromise that hour of watching The West Wing sometimes and that is ok.

It is important to look after the environment

From fast fashion to plastic pollution I learnt a lot about look after the environment this year. I have a lot more to learn and research but 2018 was an eye opening year about how we as humans could be damaging the world and how we can fix this.

Only you have to be ok with your life choices

I use to be very worried about what those around me thought of my life choices. Especially coming from an Indian background it is something I think about a lot. While ultimately, I know it is not a feeling that is going away and it is good to understand how people will react to things and the reason behind it, another thing I realised is that in the end, the main thing is, I need to be happy in myself as long as I am not doing anything which is going to get in trouble, I shouldn’t worry too much about what others think.

You need to make time to read

This was the year I started reading more again. By reading, I mean reading for fun. In 2017, all the books I read were predominately self care books which I thought I NEEDED to read. In 2018, I also read fiction books and fell back in writing and the creativity behind novels which is beautiful.

Loneliness can become a habit, do not let it

It can be very easy to isolate yourself from friends and family. It starts with one person inviting you to something and making an excuse to say no. Pretty soon you can end up getting into a cycle where you do this repeatedly. Not cool and not healthy. It is ok to say no to things you do not want to do with people you do not want to see but just be aware of making it a habit. For every invite you turn down, try organising something with a friend you actually want to spend time with.

Writing letters is a good way to share your feelings with your people.

I have done this for a couple of years now but writing letters is something I have been doing more and more especially with my family. I am not always the best at gathering my thoughts and expressing them verbally on emotional topics so I like to write them down and share them with people. This way I know I have articulated it as well as possible.

Make time to reach out to people you want to spend time with.

In July, I took a week off work. Something I have not done in since I started working full time. Both my cousin and my friend were getting married (to different people) in the same week and I wanted to be there for all of it. So I did exactly that. That week was spent with everyone I loved and it made me incredibly happy (albeit a little bit tiered aha)

Going to things alone is a good way to meet new people.

I have the eventbrite app on my phone and ended up going to a few things I was interested in on my own and my god, this is the best thing I have done in the longest time. I met new people in ques or sat next too some really cool people, some of whom I still talk too today.

Learning about personal finances is very important.

All I am going to say about this is why on earth have we not been thought anything about this in school. If you are in your twenties, looking to find out how to pay off your overdraft, save and how to budget, I would look at The Financial Diet on YouTube.

Healing your relationship with food is the best thing you can do.

While, I do not go into details, I have spoken about my struggles with food. As the year came to a close, I ate take away twice in a row and for once I didn’t let myself over think about it. For at least five years I would antagonise over every chip or pizza slice that touched my lips. I still have a bit to go but not worrying over analysing what goes into your gut is incredibly rewarding.

Walking is therapeutic.

Maybe it is living in London but I have a new found love for walking. It gives you time to process your day, clear your day and just grab some fresh air.

It is ok to be in your own

Culturally, I should probably be married right now but that is not the case and it is not something which is going to be on the cards anytime soon but that is ok. It does mean you are unworthy of anything.

Clean out your social media feed

Just as we declutter our bedrooms it is also important to do the same with our social media feeds. Follow people who bring you joy and unfollow people who bring you down.

Let people see the real you

I often have my guard up. 2018 has been the year I have become more vulnerable, sharing when I am not ok with family members when previously, I would have done more to hide it.

Be empathetic not sympathetic

You should actually exercise both qualities but I really want to focus more on being empathetic. It allows you to help those around you more effectively.

Turn your ideas in to action

Something I failed to do in 2018. You can have all the ideas in the world but what good are they if the ideas remain in your head or in a notebook. They need to come to fruition.

Plant based eating is good for the gut and god for the soul

I have been eating predominately plant based (90% of the time) for the majority of 2018 and it really makes a difference to how I feel within myself. It is like a weight has been lifted. My gut feels good and my mind is at ease.

Did you learn any life lessons in 2018? and if so what were they?

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