Ziferblat: The home from home

16th November 2016 by naffy

img_1958 ziferblat  bwork-spaces-for-freelancers Home away from home places in manchester northern quarter ziferblat Blogging can be a rather solitary hobby. You can end up spending up hours behind your laptop on your own which is why I packed up my laptop and paid a visit to Ziferblat: the home from home with my friend Fran.

Ziferblat, is a place deep in the Northern Quarter on Edge Street. On the outside it does not look like much but once you walk in, it is a whole other story.

From the outside the home away from home, Ziferblat looks like an ordinary coffee shop but it offers much more. Instead of paying for your food, you pay for your time. 6p a minute. You sign in when you walk in and then you are free to help yourself to unlimited amounts of  what Ziferblat has to offer and it offers quite a lot.

There is a substantial amount of caked goods, baked goods even toast for those who are hungry. To my absolute delight there was also tea on tap. From green tea to decaf there is something for tea lovers there.

Fran and I went there to have some laptop time and catch up while doing some work. We could have spent all day there tapping away at our keyboards. While we were there, we saw people games of cards agains humanity, four in a row as well as work on a doll arts project.

It is very easy to have the tagline home from home but Ziferblat, really was that. The staff were friendly, we were not rushed or made to feel like we outstayed our welcome. I spent three hours there and could have easily settled down for a few more hours.

Sometimes, it is nice to around creative free energy and Ziferblat definitely has that.

If you are someone who works remotely or are a student and need somewhere outside of their house where they can feel comfortable working I would highly recommend Ziferblat: The home from home.

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