Youth Unemployment.

19th January 2012 by naffy

So we have herd the startling news that youth unemployment is still continuing to rise. As one of thousands of young people in the United Kingdom who are graduating this year this is scary thought as the aim of working through out degree is so that we are able to get a job. The thing is worrying is the fact that has no signs in changing in the near future and there are no other ways the government is being seen to help young people who cannot find employment not just due to lack of qualifications but also because jobs are being cut and there are no longer open to young people at this moment in time. Many graduates who have just graduated and those in the near future may have to find jobs which they are over qualified for or are unrelated to their degree and the degree in which they want to go in to. The government need to put more investment in to the future of young people as it will impact on the country as in the whole later on.

There should be a lot more schemes which can be tailored for young people who know where they want to go career wise and can gain experience to help them for when the job market picks up again in the distant future such as paid internships or work experience places where the young people can get hands experience without worrying that they are being exploited.

Young people are the future and it is about time they are invested in by the government.

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