Why i like Obama

30th April 2012 by naffy
Just to be clear, i am not a huge fan of American Politics. It has a lot of problems but then so does nearly every single political measure out there. There are pro’s and con’s of all of them. Putting that aside i cannot help but like, no love Obama. Compared to Bush (who i hated and yes i know hate is a harsh word) he is very likable not least because he is a democrat which shows he is for the people but because he is a relatable and well…human. 
He is more relatable to me than David Cameron (we won’t go there in this post). I mean can you actually see Cameron play basketball? or any sport for that matter? or sing or even go on a chat show? No, i didn’t think so either. Considering the alternative out there in America. They could do a lot worse than this. I know, i know you all are probably thinking well… it was all publicity stunt. The thing on Jim Fallen and his singing. They were all just PA stunts. My opinion? i honestly couldn’t tell you. I am not his campaign team. What i do know though, is that what he says the words not the facade behind it make sense. A lot more sense to me than what David Cameron says. So if you look beyond that, you can see he has a vision and quite frankly i like it. All he needs to go is fix up America’s international relations and foreign policy for me to like him even more than i am starting too. He does have a long way to go and there are somethings he does which i am not a fan off in the slightest – the things taking place in the middle east for example. The alternative however is worse..a lot worse. 
  • 24th May 2012 / Reply

    As an American I can tell you that the American political system is a joke right now…it's all about getting re-elected and going against the "opposing" party regardless of what they have to say…it is so frustrating and foreign policy has become so complex that no matter what we do it seems like we'll never be able to dig ourselves out of the mess we've made…

    • 24th May 2012 / Reply

      I know the system is not perfect and i am glad you are telling me about this as obviously you are more aware of what is happening out there :) and i agree about the foreign policy.