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17th February 2019 by naffy

mistakes i made in my twenties Copy of Exploring London-3 mistakes i made in my twenties As we are in the middle of the month of love I thought I would talk a little bit about Love Language and how understanding your love language can help your relationships with partners but with friends and family too.

The way we express love varies depending on the type of the people we are. As individuals, we all express and receive love in different ways. For example, my father’s way of expressing his love for us by showing up for us and giving up his time for us. I get this from him – I think. Other people show love by hugging and having a physical connection.

It really made me think about the different ways people express love and how important it is to recognise this in our own relationships. Sometimes people show us love without us realising it because it isn’t the way we express love. That doesn’t make it any less valid. We can get so wrapped up in our expectations of how people show love that we forget we are all different.

It can remind you that when your father picks you up at 11 pm from the train station, or your mother asking you for a hug it is their way of expressing their love for you. You become more self aware of the way you send out messages of love to those around you but also it made me appreciate the small things people do for me even more than I already did because I see it as a way of them saying I love you or I appreciate you.

How do you express your love to others? I would love to know.

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Disclaimer: This  post is not affiliated with anyone and written just because I found it interesting
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