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What’s on Netflix this month: October 2018 | tv

5th October 2018 by naffy

documentaries on netflix Netflix documentaries on netflix A new month means carving out time for all the new things Netflix has to offer and let me tell you Netflix has upped its game this month. Here is a snippet of what’s on Netflix this month.

The Good Place Season Three 

There is something special about The Good Place. It teaches you about how we can small things to make ourselves better people in such a unique compelling way. Mike Shur and the rest of the writing team are absolute genius.

Riverdale Season Three 

I will admit I have no idea if the plot makes sense at this point but there is a beauty in that. It means you never know what to expect around the corner. The writers are keeping us on our feet.  Also I won’t lie, I am so hooked on the multi faceted characters I cannot stop watching at this point.

Dynasty Season Two 

YES! We can finally have an ending to THAT deadly finale. I recently watched the trailer for the new season and I cannot wait for the over dramatic twists and turns in this. If you haven’t watched Dynasty yet or know what it is about, it is essentially a reboot of a programme with the same name surrounding the dysfunctional Carrington Family. The best way I can describe the show Revenge meets Gossip Girl.

New York Minute 

There is something about an Ashley and Mary Kate film which is immensely comforting. Fun Fact, I actually have this on DVD but you know I will be watching it on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, it is about two sisters who are polar opposites so much so they have not spent the day together in years but due to unforeseen circumstances they have to do exactly that. It is cheesy, light hearted with a cute message. The perfect Sunday feels film.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

So when I first heard they were rebooting Sabrina I was not expecting this. Created by the producers of Riverdale, it has a similar darkness and eeriness to it. It is released on the 26th so in time for Halloween (of course) and I think this is a good alternative if you do not like your standard horror films. I am not a fan of scary films or TV shows but nostalgia aside I am really drawn to this series and cannot wait to see how it is played out.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj

My brother from another mother. Completely kidding, however the one thing I am not kidding about, is the fact I have been waiting for this since it was first announced. If you do not know who Hasan Minaj is, he is an American Indian Comedian. I came across him after his White House Correspondence speech which was mind blowing brave and honest. (Trust me as a woman of colour, I know how brave and passionate you have to be to do that) Aside from that he is blooming hilarious! I watched his hour long show on Netflix and endless youtube clips of him and Trevor Noah and I cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve in this series.

Set It up 

Sometimes you just need a good old fashion Rom Com. After watching To All The Boys I Loved Before, Kissing Booth and Crazy Rich Asians I am really missing them. I was speaking to a friend who told me to give this a watch. It follows two assistants who try to match make their bosses but it appears they end up falling in love with each others.

Will you be joining me in being unproductive and sinking your teeth into any of the above this month or has something else caught your eye?

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