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20th September 2021 by naffy

Virgin Rive Review

When I feel like I am stuck in a rut or my mind needs a break I tend to sink myself into the world of Television. It is my comfort place. As a result, here is a little insight into what I’ve been watching recently. 

Virgin River Season 3 

Season three of the hit Netflix show, Virgin River follows the aftermath of the shooting at Jack’s bar and the beginning of Mels and Jack’s (Played by Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Anderson) relationship. We also learn more about Jack’s sister Brie (Played by Zibby Allen) and the situation with Preacher (Played by Colin Lawrence) reaches a crisis point. Due to COVID, we were missing the heart of the show, Hope (Played by Annette O’Toole) was only able to appear on the show in the form of video chats to Vernon. (Played by Tim Matheson) This season is slightly darker compared to the previous seasons but it is still the undeniable spirit and small-town world created by Robyn Carr, Sue Tenney, and Martin Wood. 


Is Loki an actual villain or just someone who loves to cause mischief? I believe he is the latter which is why I love him. The show follows Loki (Played by Tom Hiddleston) as he gets arrested for being careless with the concept of time. As a result, he strikes a deal with Mobius  (Played by Owen Wilson) which ends up with him in a series of adventures to save his life. Loki was reminiscent of the Marvel I know and love with a new darker twist, you see the different versions of Loki come to life in a way we haven’t seen before. Hiddleston delivers Loki’s words in the same slick, cheeky yet charming way we all know and love. Waldron created an entirely new world for the character to live in. 

Loki Review

Falcon And Winter Soldier

The Captain America TV spin-off show follows Sam Walker (Played by Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan) as they navigate life after Endgame and the loss of Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) Out of the new Marvel TV shows, this one is most reminiscent of the Marvel franchise that we know and love. Both Falcon and Winter Soldier travel the world as they try to solve a crime, trying to put their differences aside. In the series, we see a different side to Sharon Carter (Played by Emily Van Kamp) and a new Captain America (played by Wyatt Russell) Both Mackie and Stan bounce off each other perfectly. Spellman was able to take the Captain America world and create a mini-series where it comes to life. Yes, aspects of the plot could have been tightened and explored further. For example, if the series had even two more episodes we could have developed Sharon’s role in the series a little more alongside Sam’s sister and the troubles both Sam and Bucky had with the US government. 

The Good Doctor – Season One

The Good Doctor follows medical intern Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) and his team as he navigates his career with autism. At the start, it is clear he is not welcomed by everyone working at the hospital and has to prove he deserves his place amongst the staff and is not a liability.  There are moments that can make you cry or laugh but you always end an episode with your heart opened up and you feel all the feels. It is a series you need to strap yourself in for as you will end up watching at least more than one in each sitting. 

The Chair

The moment The Chair was released on Netflix, I knew I would be hooked. It features Ji-Yoon Kim (Played by Sandra Oh) as she navigates her life as the first woman of colour at a prestigious university to be elected Chair of the English department. Kim struggles with asserting her authority, making her voice heard, and implementing the legacy she wants to leave behind. Alongside dealing with this, she juggles being a single parent and looking after Bill Dobson (Played by Jay Duplass ) who is publically grieving the death of his late wife. It packs a lot of heart and warmth in the eight half-hour episodes filled with comedy Sandra Oh is perfect. Some of my favourite moments are between Kim and her father. We also get a slightly absurd scene with David Duchovney which is slightly corny but provides you with some comedic laughter.

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